Temple  Milestones of construction

Located on 5.5 acres in Fremont, California, the temple is just a 30-minute drive from San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Computer Silicon Valley.
The temple is close to Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, a 539-acre parkland with 350 acres of lakes that offer leisure activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and viewing of the natural and ecological landscape, with residential areas to the west of the temple. Zilian Temple can be said to be unique, can be said to be the world's peach source.

The followings show the key milestones of temple construction:

Temple  Brilliant service history

From 1997 to 2016, Violet Temple opened the Zilian International School in Unified City, California, USA,to enroll students in grades 1 to 12, and in 2007 obtained the accreditation certificate of WASC, a public and private school and the highest evaluation organization in the United States. In order to educate overseas Chinese children, Violet International School adopts bilingual teaching in Both English and Chinese. In addition to emphasizing academic achievement, the teaching also allows students to practice meditation every day and teaches Buddhist cause and effect, the concept of good faith. In the short-term "Smart Summer Camp" held every July, students from all over the world can learn about teamwork, respect for differences, and the right values of life.

Since 1993, Zilian Temple and related organizations have been providing clothing relief services for the poor and have also donated money to assist those in need around the world.

Service history over the years:

  • Winter relief activities are held annually and charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army, an Anglican Community Service Center, Tri-city Volunteer Group, Alameda County Community Food Collection, United City and Fremana City Food Donations are organized to raise food and clothing, and to co-organize public welfare activities.

  • Caring Community Services (1999-2007), expanded to downtown San Francisco, rehabilitation centers for disabled employees, Alameda County, and Massonic Homes, California. In addition to caring for the disabled, the elderly and the poor, we also provide cabaret performances, cultural education, wall-selling board decoration and handicrafts exhibitions.

  • Annual Fund-raising for Scholarships: To provide children with poor family financial environment and access to a comprehensive education through charity performances, auctions, sponsorships and fund-raising.

  • Holiday recreation services for the elderly at spectre community service center in Hayward, California.

  • Annual holiday services and recreation activities are held at the annual holiday event at Zilian International School in Union City, California, and food and gifts are distributed to the elderly and the poor.

  • Leading the "Purple Lotus International School" teachers and students, in Union City, California, the Ying Center, care for the elderly alone.

  • In 1997, during the Great Fire in Malaysia, Indonesia, fund-raising and donation of relief supplies, in the same year the California floods, led volunteers into relief work.

  • During the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, it helped build new villages for the homeless and sponsored the establishment of the Bright Monument.

  • Since 2005, he has participated in the American Cancer Society's fund-raising and anti-cancer relay activities.

  • Donations were made to the American Red Cross during the Katrina disaster in 2005.

  • In 2006, a condolence payment and food were sent to orphanages, homes for the elderly and first nations in Panama.

  • In 2008, a disaster relief fund was launched to help victims of the Sichuan earthquake in China.

Temple  Future outlook 

With the spirit of Buddhism, tell whom we encounter about the benefits of practicing Buddhist Dharma.

Zilian Temple is a Buddhist dome, which is a master of the King Kong ride of Buddhism. The practitioners of Violet Temple are dependent on the Buddhist lord, the South Moben Master, Sakhamoni Buddha, and, the masses and so on to the commandments as teachers, to the law as teachers, day after day to practice the SecretIst Capricorn law (interest, increase, bosom, shoal), growth of life. The Capricorn law is convenient law gate, to provide practitioners, in the practice at the same time need to disaster relief, gain, love and so on, so that the people and other people can get practice of all kinds of food and great interests.

We practice Buddhism by continuously cleansing the Karma caused by the body, mouth, and mind.

The practice of Violet Temple is to uphold the three close lines of secret religion (clean body, clean mouth, clean meaning) to practice. In life, inadvertently, it is easy to create a body-to-mouth industry (three industries);

We held charity events to help the poor, inspire good deeds, and propagate Buddhist compassion & wisdom.

In the early old ways and schools to the present, Zilian Temple has been working on winter relief activities since 1993 (year-end), assisting charitable organizations in raising food and clothing, co-organizing public welfare activities, caring for the elderly, the disabled and the poor. Has always been adhering to the compassion of Buddhism love, regardless of your spirit, all the way to the present. Its purpose is to rise and go, and to inspire those who have a chance, to see the bitter and blessed, to see the good to pursue.

Cleaning karmic causes and manifesting one's Buddha-nature

The practice of Zilian Temple, the ultimate attachment is the West's pleasure clean soil. The teaching of the Dharma Gate encourages practitioners to read the Buddha to the point where they can see before the Ameda Buddha. And at the end of his life, Ameda Buddha is now coming to meet, to go to the joy of clean soil. The practice of secret religion is to knot the handprint of the Meadow, hold its curse, and always think of oneself and the Meadow. Nature, its own clean as Buddha, everywhere is the Buddha's clean soil.

Temple  Solemn symbols

Two stone lions, in front of the main hall, symbolize that the Dharma protectors will seamlessly guard the Temple.

The four big pagodas, located in the four directions of the temple, symbolize that the Dharma will be widely spread to the world.

Eight of the middle-size pagoda, located in front of the main hall, symbolizes that deities protect all the practitioners of the Temple.

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