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Master's religious profile

       Master growing up in Taiwan was ever baptized as a Christian. In July 1984, she immigrated to Canada with her husband after marriage. However, she now currently settled up in Fremont, California, USA. While living in Canada, she ever dreamed of a Buddha for seven consecutive days. Later, when she returned to Taiwan to visit her mother, she took part in the "Luoyin" activity because she wanted to see her deceased father again. Inadvertently, she was opened "third eye", and could see the deities and communicate with the spiritual world. A subsequent examination by 12 Canadian physicians proved that she could no longer have children for unknown reasons.
Two years later, in 1986 she virtually could see a Buddha. The Buddha said that you would have a daughter in the future. And then, she became miractractedly pregnant. What's even more incredible was that during her pregnancy, she could hear her fetus reciting the name of Amitaba Buddha. She therefore had doubted about herself, and was afraid of the devil. In order to explain all kinds of incredible phenomena, she looked for people to answer her worries. From then, she became a Buddhist and began her 30 years of holy journey.

Since 1986, master Samantha has been deligently practicing Buddhism till now.   She restless preached Dharma to countless people in the world, and had done her best to help people in need. She then was praised by beings as a "living Guan-yin" who vows to releive all sufferings.

For more than 30 years of effort, master Samantha had founded Purple Lotus Temple, Purple Lotus School, One Peace Foundation, and other affiliates. During those years, she led her followers to  help all the people who suffered physically or psychologically.


Over the years, Purple Lotus helped: the U.S. 9/11 crisis, the California power crisis, the U.S. Katrina disaster, the South Asian Tsunami, hurricane Katrina, SARS atypical pneumonia, the Malaysian fire, the Indonesian riots, the global war, Sichuan earthquake in China, etc. Once master heard of any disaster happened, she would immediately kicked off a ceremony, and prayed for the sufferings of all beings.


Master Samantha also led her followers to sponsor the homes for the elderly, the orphans, and the children in China. She looked forward to inspiring people to take immediate action for the sufferings. She encouraged people to collect the foods and other necesities, and directly deliverd them to the disaster area. She hoped to relieve people's sufferings in time during the difficulties.


For more than 30 years, master Samantha have gained a high recognition from the U.S. government. She had been awarded the "Excellent Volunteer Organization Group" by the city governments of San Francisco, Union City and Fremont in California. Her group had been praised as "Volunteer Service Group of the Year".

The contribution to societies from master Samantha had been recognized by many countries and world-class groups:

  • In 2003 and 2004, the National Who's Who Registry awarded the Executive Profession Award to master Samantha for her indispensable role in religous world.
  • In 2002, 2005 and 2007, the International Federation for Peace awarded Ambassador of Peace to master Samantha for her outstanding contribution to humanity.
  • In 2005, the American Society of Legends awarded Woman of Achievement Award to master Samantha.
  • In 2006 and 2007, master Samantha was honorably listed on The Global Register's Who's Who for her outstanding achievements in Buddhism.
  • In August 2006, Panama first lady, Ms. Licenciada Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos, piously invited master Samamtha to presidential palace for talks. Sincerely ask her pray for the country and the people of Panama. The first lady also thanked her for her outstanding contributions to the community and bringing peace to people's mind.
  • In 2006, master Samantha was interviewed by Mundo, Panama's first magazine. She was praised as a leader in Chinese community there.The magazine coverage titled: Master Samantha Chou- A pure & clean Lotus. 
    She was the first Chinese and first asian to be interviewed by the magazine, which was founded 12 years ago in Panama. The magazine also consecutively reported her in three coverages.
  • In 2007, His Royal Highness Voo Boming, The Chief Executive Officer of the Japan Cultural Revitalization Association, awarded master Samantha in person the highest honor,"The Great Appreciation of World Peace". Also praised her for her outstanding contribution to human well-being and world peace.
  • In 2008, the President of the American Legends Association awarded master Samantha the President's Citation; for her special contribution to humanity.

▲ Being compassionate to others is the most important thing in life. One with no compassion will not successfully accomplish tasks because the person lacks good causes. Therefore, one should always ask oneself. Am I a kind person to others? Should I say the bad words?
One should always introspect about one's thoughts and actions, and strive to be a good person.

One should always be a person who is loved by others, who is rspected by others, and who is welcomed by others.

A real Buddhist practitioner should own a good heart. Without this condition, nothing could be accomplished in practice.
A practitioner should do anything good in life no matter what would happen. Because of the positive causes, one naturally would own good fortune.

What are great benevolent deeds? The deeds could be awakening oneself, being out of life reincarnation, helping all in sufferings, and so forth.

What are small benevolent deeds? The deeds could be changing one's own behaviors, no longer affecting others, helping others to change evil behaviors, and so on.

Only good-hearted people will conduct benevolent deeds.


▲The most important thing for a practitioner is always adjusting one's mind. A practitioner should enlarge one's worldly narrow mind as wide as the Buddhas'. As one's mind is on the same level as the Buddha's, the Buddhist practices would be easier to be unified, to be corresponded, and to be achieved.

Buddhas are compassionate and broad-minded. They are always selflessly caring for others, and try to relive others' sufferings. We should always learn from them and do what the Buddhas want to do. Without thinking about what good one has done, authentic merits are being created and accumulated.


▲ Practice with a sincere, soft heart. Someone had donated a lot of money and tried hard to practice Buddhism. If all one did were only for oneself, the merits accumulated would be limited. On the contrary, if you do not have a great fortune but own a soft heart, then others will be happy along with you because they know that you will not hurt them but help. In addition, such a good person will bring the whole group peace and security. It is of great merit to letting others feel joy.

There was a nun who began to reside in seclusion when she was twenty years old. She had been in reclusive retreat for thirty years. When she went out of the seclusion, she looked just as young as a twenty-year-old girl. Her skin was so white; her body was light; her eyesight was just good. It was said that she recited the Great Compassion Mantra every day and drank the Great Compassion Water. As a result, she had such an adventure. Because she recited the mantra every day, the Dharma protectors were present around and protect her. When she met a snake, she recited the mantra, and the snake crept past her. One time, she recited the mantra, lots of white lotus flowers were floating down from the sky.


 There were two nuns who resided in seclusion. One dedicated in the Great Compassion Mantra, one dedicated in Rebirth in Pureland Mantra. Those who hold great sorrows, who read the lord of the lord in the spell, all show protection. The old mantra, read to the land mother-in-law every night to appear to feed the food. One night, The Big Sorrow Bichuni was invited to share the food with The Cursed Bichuni, but by the early hours of the next morning, the land mother-in-law did not show up, and the big sad Bichuni had to leave first. After waiting a while, the land mother-in-law appeared. The land mother-in-law said that because He saw that many of the Protector Gods would be as bright as day, they were afraid to enter at will and had been hiding outside waiting. This shows that spells are equal, but each spell has its own different role.


When master Samantha was not yet a Buddhist, she often donated foods everywhere. When she first time went to a Buddhist temple in California, she was inspired by Guanyin Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva told her to bring two buckets of water there next time and taught her how to empower the water. After empowering, the water could become the Great Compassion Water. Bodhisattva then told her to relieve beings' suffering with the water in the future. Master after then often taught people she met about how to empower the Great Compassion Water and save others. Because of her compassion for others in many ways, people often called her "a living Guanyin."


Master Samantha ever had a high school classmate who lived in Los Angeles, USA. The classmate had a decade of chronic illness and always wore a scarf around her neck, no matter hot or cold. At that time, Master had just learned how to read the Great Compassion Mantra. She then very sincerely asked Guanyin Bodhisattva to help her classmate. She raised a bottle of water and recited: "Namo Great Compassion Bodhisattva ". Her classmate then drank the water. The next day, a miracle appeared. The classmate started taking off the scarf and was no longer needing the scarf after then.

 Over the years the inspiring images

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