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Purple Lotus Temple is a Buddhist temple and a religious non-profit organization as well. The operation of the temple and all charitable activities held mostly reply on donors like you around the world. We sincerely appreciate people who give us unselfish support through words, actions, and donations.

Purple Lotus Temple provides a place and a channel for people in need to eliminate difficulties, attain cheerful happiness and develop their mind awakening. Temple also shares religious professions with those who would like to transcend difficulties in life.

We hope that individuals could support us according to their own wishes and financial ability.

At the same time, in response to donations from the world, Purple Lotus Temple will also give back to the societies from time to time. For instance, we made donations to the senior center and the places with disasters.

Fill out the following donation form, please. After you submit the form, the content would be automatically sent to you through email. The payment gateway or PayPal will send you an electronic receipt when the deduction is successful.

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* For those whose donation is designated to the temple's activities, we will pray for his or her wishes for a month.
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Payment methods
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Payment Methods:

  • Online donations: Available PayPal or credit card or Debit card or via Zelle domestic wire transfer (please use phone number (510) 468-3662 to send money without bank charges).
  • Mailing a check, or money order: In the header of a check or bill of exchange, please write "Purple Temple Lotus". Mail header: Purple Lotus Temple. Mailing address: 35489 Lotus Pond Common, Fremont, CA, 94536 USA.
  • Domestic or non-U.S. general wire transfers: wire transfer information is as follows. (bank charges required)

Bank name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Bank Account Number: 2085057046

Bank address: 34356 Alvarado Niles Road, Union City, California 94587, U.S.A.

Bank's phone  no.: 1-(510) 487-5703

Bank account name: Purple Lotus Temple

Temple address: 35489 Lotus Pond Common, Fremont, California 94536, U.S.A.

Temple contact number: 1-(510)-862-2053

Temple email address: [email protected]

International remittance: Routing Transit Number 121000248

International remittances: SWIFT code identification number is WFBIUS6S

When shopping on Amazon websites in the U.S., you typically use the website to buy items. But if you buy from a website,  Amazon allocates 0.5% of each of its revenues to the nonprofit organization we set up. Also, most purchases on Amazon are eligible for donations.

If you'd like to buy items on Amazon and set up donations to Purple Lotus Temple, follow steps below to set it up:

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