To try the best to get over any entanglement.

Master Venerable once said that if you want to overtake so much, you don't have enough food to overdo, so you write about your own haunted spirit, which is better than anything else. Don't write a bunch that can haunt the spirit, it will interfere with you. It is most important to raise this first, to lift Him up. The haunting spirit can never be overcome, don't think that if you are mentally ill and let you do something, it is called the haunting. Every day comes in to haunt spirits, like this infectious disease, like this cough and cold, it is all haunted! It's all bacteria! If you have a relationship or grudge with Him, He will entangle you! Make you sick, make you painful, make you fever, make you sad, it's all like this! It's all haunted! Today is over, tomorrow there will be new ones, and food will come. Do you really take every meal seriously about the ones killed in front of you, these beasts? How painful they are, you know? When you are killed, you have a lot of grudges, you know? You just want to eat, for the fragrant, hurry up and deal with it, right! O these spirits! All this, into your mouth, and stir Him! Let Him hurt even more! Isn't it? After eating again, I feel that I am full, I am so satisfied, I am starting to work in the body. I've told a real story before. In eating, face to face oh, then there is someone sitting in front of you to eat, and then you start, a bowl of pork bone soup oh, blow. The man was eating, felt a pain, didn't know anything, hey! Just call it, then no one reacts! Then, I started scooping this soup of pork bone soup, which looked smokeless, but it was very hot, so it was hot. Blowing again, he said earlier, every time you blow it, the one on the opposite side is called, what are you calling! I don't know why, but suddenly there was a pain, a pain. No one knows why it hurts; I don't know, it turns out that he is blowing this pork bone broth, he will hurt. Because he used to be a pig. He was a pig in his previous life, and when he was killed, when he was slaughtered, that kind of pain, and now he is eating this pork bone soup, the same way. He is in pain, how do you imagine it? A lot of things have not been encountered, really do not know. There was a brother who went on a tour, to Germany, to a small village. I don't know why, I just go around freely by myself, I keep walking, I don't know where to go. Walk to a military cemetery and walk in to visit, who would visit! Just visit, visit the row of looking, suddenly see a name, the whole person can not move. What a name! It was his previous life. When he died, he was hit with two bullets in the war, and he died! He has a record, he goes to find it, and he is now born, just two scars, two seals. So the reincarnation cause and effect of life, you really don't understand, you really don't know. Ah! No way! No way. You didn't come across, of course not. You are like, I did not have a child by menstruation, who would believe it, until now it is still a devil. But that's why the cause of refuge is the cause of refuge, and it's going to go this way. So a lot of things that you haven't encountered really don't know. We try our best to share the things we encounter with you and give you more references in this regard. If you come across, you won't touch, won't how, what to do. Oh so constantly, will always tell this, this story, for everyone to know. So these days, I'm going to fight with them at night. Oooh, why are you, you know how he is, how are you! Why should you let him, there is a chance to defuse? I just wanted to please him, and I got him right away. You want it to be like this, he has no sincerity at all, he doesn't want to resolve it at all. You see, you gave him this opportunity, how is he, how is he. Oh oh, so why give everyone, four offerings, two offerings. If I don't say it, no one is going to do it, or even think about it, it should. Give everyone a chance, you know? Because you are inadequate, so use this, not a plate of mung beans, a red bean. Right! A pack, a pack of flour is fine, no! Look at your heart, you have to have wisdom to react! If you're talking about that number, it means you're inadequate, and you're going to double it. It's not that you talk about four, just really take four things, popcorn is the same, whatever, make up a number. No, give everyone an understanding.

To visualize oneself constantly staying with the Buddhas.

You must do this way, take this way. Why are you talking so much Buddha! Each statue is replenished by light! More and more, each statue is light. Master has said that every statue is light. You can't think of any light in Him, you can think of golden light and white light. But He does have light. Therefore, the karma light, the breath increase and the joy are all in this, and the wisdom of the treasure department is in it, and it has been blessed. Every statue of you that comes out is the light that replenishes your people, the deficiencies; It is destroying your karma and increasing your bright wisdom. Cherish it! You know! So why, the same is done, you see I can get everyone to write this, you think it's so simple! You have to bear it! If I don't keep making up, these bright energies, replenishing these resources and energies, will be given in three or two strokes. So you often have to be one with the Buddha and Bodhisattva, and you must not have anything else, extra or bad in your mind. As long as it is not good, it will consume your merit, consume your food, and consume all your blessings. So why does the Buddha practice like that, he has to keep giving, and the Buddha and Bodhisattva keep giving. To give is to receive, to receive. To give up is to gain, to give up the small ego, to get the greater self; Give up selfishness and gain selflessness. Give, give, the more you do, the more you give up. If you cultivate more and more reluctantly, you just can't repair right. Don't worry about the existing inadequacy, inadequacy, worry that you have no way to become one with the greater self. You gain the power of the greater self, and you can do anything. There is no need to be afraid of no beings, no need to be afraid of no money, no need to be afraid of anything. You don't have to worry, worry is that you will always be an individual ego. Six billion beings are dust, sand like dust and dust. Whoever pays attention to you, so in the dust and sand of six billion sentient beings, how you show light and become a treasure orb is up to you!

From time to time, visualize the light in the body, mouth, and mind.

Drink great compassion water every day, visualize the light every day, you are different. This is how I practiced, until one day, all the money will be spent, pouring this top, this top, this law is so important, it can help us eliminate disasters, it can increase all our strength, blessings, and increase our perfection. Why do we pay so little money? Even eating something to waste can be thrown away, which is higher than this price. Why are we the way we are? Then you bought it like this, buy it with this heart, it is not important if it is cheap, it has no sense of value. You only give out so little, you exchange it back so big, you don't have that sense of equality, you won't pay attention. Wow! I got the hang of it. At that time, instead of saying a dollar, the empowerment put all my day in a red envelope. When I came back that day and received the empowerment of that Dharma, I was not in the same experience. Very seriously. Why is the name brand different from the general miscellaneous brand, expensive! If you bought this cup today for 10,000 US dollars, do you see how you put it, will it be littered like this? Don't want money, absolutely littered. Less money is not valued. It's expensive, why everyone takes the famous brand, the identity seems to be different in action, expensive! Expensive! A famous brand, I just learned that the price of the real famous brand, tens of millions of Taiwan dollars, is all huh! Scary to death! A bag, eat a full meal and have nothing to do, don't buy a house, go buy a bag, it's different! People look at it, wow! Those who understand are different. I once went to a meeting with a senior sister. People came to receive us, as soon as we came to the door, because we were wearing this dress, we didn't have a good comparison, we looked at each other. That senior sister was my temporary secretary, and everyone was from head to toe, two of each other. Just as energetics is taught, if you sweep him down from above, your energy, your muscles will be different. Take it up again, we often do. And then what! Sit down, and the one will go and get something, she said, how much is that dress; How much is that shoe; How much does her watch cost; How much of the purse she took out; Her entire outfit is almost 100,000 dollars. I said, how do you know. We're all in this industry, we know. Master, don't look at me wearing it casually, what brand of my dress is it, this dress oh, it also costs 25,000 yuan; How much do I need for that purse! You see, we are nothing, this is the market. In such an earthly world, people are talking about such a market. I'll tell her your identity, but this person I know, I've seen that piece of clothing and worn it 3 times. Right! She came out with me and has worn it 3 times. It means that there is no other expensive one, probably so, wear that one forever. A piece of $25,000, you wear it! Will you litter like us? It won't! It won't! So the whole thing is how you feel. And from that time on, I knew that that Dharma, I practiced very carefully, very sensually, and this is the truth. Therefore, if you want to increase wisdom, you must use the inner light and the outer light, and serve the inside and the outside; Even brushing your teeth, wanting to say nice words, brushing your teeth and the water that comes out, you have to visualize the water of the clean bottle, the water of the manna of the Buddha and Bodhisattva. You brush it, it's different. You will naturally be easy to spit out the language of wisdom, the language of compassion, the language of encouragement. Not going out is obscure, disturbing people, stabbing people, destroying people's homes, talking about everything. It's true, because every day the light comes in, you take it seriously, you want the light, and nature goes out to be the light. To take it seriously, practice is not only practiced in the dojo, but also in your own mandala.

To be more creative in Buddhist practices.

Because I had not yet taken refuge, I chanted the mantra of great compassion and drank the water of great compassion. This is the cause that Guanyin Bodhisattva, the thousand hands and thousand eyes told me, was attracted by Guanyin Bodhisattva. So I've been using the water of great compassion all the way to help people heal, all of this. So I myself take it inside and outside, so that the inside light is external light. Even when a bodhisattva shines light, you have to have an understanding, what does a bodhisattva shine with light? It is the bodhisattvas themselves, and the light represents the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Rulai, who are them. So you can visualize the light coming in, and you can visualize His Buddha-figure coming in, in the same way. If you drink it, it will be easy to become one with Him. This people will not think, dare not think, oh presumptuous, how can you drink and eat bodhisattvas. You don't understand, you don't just practice the Dharma, how do you visualize the rice grains coming in and becoming the lotus flower in your heart opening and your bodhisattva in it. Yes, this is an indirect procedure; But you are directly light, that is, He enters your body, how he comes in, not only pores, Brahma points, or what these meridians. You drink directly, and the same comes in. Syllable! That light is different from His existence. Not a disrespectful mentality, otherwise how can there be light. You visualize the light, isn't that Him? Same truth. That's how I drank bodhisattvas, so I became Avalokiteshvara; That's it, I drink Amitabha and I become Amitabha. Later, the master taught the eight major methods, Yaochi Golden Mother, drink the Golden Mother divine water, and I became the Golden Mother. This has to be understood, you don't understand, you are always groping outside, and you can't get into the situation quickly. I am really sincere, I hope that everyone can cultivate and cultivate strength, not only one thing, only some people and a few people can do it. Let's come together, otherwise we're tired of some people who can do it, and if no one else gets up, won't it all be over? Children give birth to children, parents are always tired, fatigue has been doing, children are raised, fat, do not help; At that time, parents will be exhausted, and children will not have a good life. This is an important concept. If everyone shares, there will be no labor in certain people, and the strength can be exerted. We are really very attentive, this road is really groped by ourselves, falls, trauma in all aspects, walked out.

To be close to the kind and away from the evil

No one really didn't understand it before, and I didn't understand it from Christianity. But when you are cultivating, you are always in the light, and your wisdom will grow; Darkness and filth will be removed, and ignorance will be removed. As I said, when I first converted, I didn't know about empowerment, and people handed me red envelopes, what was this for? This group of teachers told me that sometimes this is an offering. What do I say offer? I really didn't even understand such subtlety, I converted to a word, and there was nowhere to learn anything. Later they said, just put the money! Put the money in! Wait a minute you will be empowered, I don't even know what the empowerment is. So there is really no learning, no one educated, really does not know anything. You invite your relatives and friends to come, and you don't explain it carefully to him, and you don't understand it for the rest of your life. This is the truth, with my own personal previous circumstances, and then I kept asking! I don't understand this person, I must ask clearly, right! What is an empowerment? What is an offering at will? What is casual? I don't understand! Feel free not to understand! There is a yellow collar turned around, the leather bag opened and there are a hundred, fifty, twenty, ten, five, two, one piece, and it is cheap at will! A dollar! I tell you that karma is very important. When you encounter good knowledge and evil knowledge, you are doomed to your destiny. This is the truth. When I didn't understand anything, like a blank piece of paper, when I told you something, you thought so. Because they have been in this industry for a long time! It's all a head! How long have I been, how long have I been, how long have I been. All of them seem to be very good at it, and our little baby who has just started doesn't understand anything. What people say, is what! I'll take a dollar, he has a stack of banknotes, take the smallest one, I'm like this, I don't understand ah! I thought it was all like this, everyone was so casual, it was cheap, it was like that. Do you know? Feel free to put a dollar, and the few times I have been initiated, the offerings are all a dollar. I thought it was this price, until I had been practicing all the time, I practiced the nine altars a day. As I said, because no one taught me to practice the Dharma, the master asked a guru to give me a copy of the Dharma, and a Dharma book to go back. No one taught me because I didn't go to the practice at first. I waited until I went in the teachings, so I didn't know inside, how to read, how to repair, how to compare with handprints, I don't know. So he brought me a copy of the law, which was not so beautiful at that time, and it was still hand-copied in Chinese and English, and I was already confused. Just like that, from the first page to the last page, exactly nine figures! The eight great deities plus Vajrayana Bodhisattvas, so it is from the first page to the last page. In this way, it will take eight or nine hours a day! I didn't even know, it turned out that this is called Jingjin. Then because I can't, I'm very serious, I've been watching, I've been simulating. This mantra should be so pronounced, how should this word be, what is this called. Will be very attentive, every page is very attentive, in the end Qingjing mantra, what is the pure mouth? Why clean mouth? Why purify? Why purify? What is the Anland Mantra? No one tells you, no books to refer to. There is only one person in San Francisco, what to do, how to be, how to be. It's very serious, how far is the mudra, what is the distance? It's going far away. I don't know anything, I don't understand at all! Walking in the groping, it is natural to walk this way. You are very attentive, you are very serious, then you are more open than the mudra, or you are up and down like this. As a result, there will naturally be a force that pulls you to the right distance. You pull it away on purpose, pulling and pulling, pulling again, and you pulling it up and down again, pulling you over again. It turned out to be this distance, it was meant to be like this, the fingers were wrong, and He pulled you back. Just take your time, take your time, then at this time, someone will borrow your book. At that time, the master had only published more than sixty books, and the real spread was only about twenty. So in our early days, we really had very few data sources, because we didn't come, we didn't know where it came from. Later, when someone finally borrowed it, we would take a look, and then we would take a look and see what he said from it. These important things are slowly and slowly before entering the situation. So now it's too easy for everyone to come by, too easy. So I won't cherish it, I think I should do it, if I don't understand, just ask, if I don't have it, just take it. After we were then, there really was nothing, not even a reclining incense burner, not even a reclining incense, not even a golden body of a god, not even a hall card. As I said, the early Purple Lotus Hall was a wall, plastered with photographs. These images don't need money, just get them everywhere, and paste them in black and white color, which is called the Buddhist hall, and the other is called the god table. There is no money to buy a Buddha statue, there is no money to buy it, and there is no money to buy dozens of dollars. So cherish very much, cherish very much, cherish everything that is hard-won; You're going to create it, and if you have it, you'll help others. That's it, so the starting point is important.

The water of Maha Karuna Dhanani owns incredible energy.

The same is to drink water, you can, I just said, you can prepare a little more water. When practicing the Dharma, you can release water and bless this to drink the water of great compassion, pure water, and bright nectar. Very important! As I said, we take it internally and externally, and this drink is taken internally, and external use is the light watching us. These two sides strengthen the light energy, the inner light and the outer light, certain light. So pay attention to every detail. Drink water, liquids, visualize, and the bodhisattva shines the water of the Great Compassion Mantra. Everyone knows the golden mother divine water, everyone knows, then go and beg her, the water shines, then you drink it, it will be bright! And bathing too, like this visualization, external use. These must be, in fact, I have a lot of this protective cream, but I just don't have time to use it. So I just washed my face, you see, all day, such a dry climate, I didn't bother with it. People like me, for more than twenty years, three or thirty years of burning the Goma, so close. In the past, it was all East Secret, and it was only when I came to Taiwan that I hid it. For so many years, more than twenty years such a close distance, such a high fire, seven or eight hundred degrees of fire is roasting like this. That skin is whole, it must be finished. There was a time when it was really finished. I went back to Taiwan to see a dermatologist, because the American doctor had warned me many times and told me to change my profession because he didn't know what I was doing. He thought I was cooking barbecue or cooking, or cooking that or that porcelain. Later, I told him that my job could not be changed, and he said that there was no way, you can make a mask! Ahhhh Which one is the same door, will make masks, barbecue one to block the fire for me, the heat shield. There is really no way, no way, tell people. He said, you are completely finished, the skin has burned to the point, only a thin layer of skin, microvessels; What can't be touched inside, touch all, as long as the skin, you look at my skin! This kind of skin, it doesn't matter if you rub it ordinarily, as long as I wipe it a little, the whole face will be red, hot, and painful. This is already abnormal skin, but it seems that it is okay. So I didn't bother with it, so the cream, even if the same door was kind, offered me this, offered that. For my sensitive physique, if I wipe it, it will have a negative effect. So since that's the case, I won't wipe, don't wipe, it's okay, you know? Hydration logically speaking, it must be finished after burning, it must be wrinkled, and it must be somehow. But it is to wash the water of great compassion, drink the water of great compassion, visualize the light of the Buddha, and sustain my life and appearance for twenty or thirty years.

Buddhist practices lie in right mindfulness.

If there is this kind of Buddha number on it, you can't tear or pinch it casually, and throw it into the trash like this. Each of these, as long as it is typed and written, cannot be offended casually. Otherwise, all the merit you cultivate is in daily life, in the smallest details, this blessing and karma. Because there is a Buddha number, there is a Vajra, it is amazing! You know, this is our current scientific and technological aspect, very casual, everyone thinks it's a piece of paper, no! As long as you hit it, you have a conscious effect, who this statue is, what this statue is, it is different. There is a protector of the Dharma, and in this practice we have today, we must pay great attention and be very careful, step by step, so as not to make mistakes and break the vows.

Vajrayana practitioners are godly blessed.

I remember the 14-year-old kid who went swimming in the lake. A worm crawled in, eating the brain-eating worm, the doctor rescued, and now dead. Do you think it's such a coincidence? A worm will crawl to its nose, and that's where it comes to collect debts. Haunted by grievances, when the time comes, what it becomes, a shape to demand. So we are desperately working now, and we have been increasing our hearts and minds, and we must keep our grip! At this time of calamity, take a breath, and dissolve what should be rewarded. And then, how about this, then gain, increase wisdom, increase wealth. Right, love increases nobles and removes villain destruction. It's rare to meet someone like us in your life. On the contrary, there are few people who share this wisdom with blessings, and he knows how to fight for less, and he thinks it is average. Like us, how long does it take to meet? An altar is interest or increase or benefit or what, or bosom, or curse. We are doing it all the time, and we are increasing our hearts, and we are increasing our feelings. This blessing of yours shall be preserved, and it will not be in three or two strokes, and it will be over.

A great offering is needed while performing Bardo deliverance.

Master Venerable also just now, I did not come out, while on the phone, while listening to Master Venerable's teachings. I heard that last week, Master Venerable said that if your ancestors, your deceased relatives in your family died. Please Master Zun Chaodu, that Master Zun is breathy, Master Zun will write, has been quoted. Then as soon as everyone heard that the Master had received the blessing or Haqi, everyone said, oh, passed away! Then the master was asked to pick up his father or mother, and they went out to a temple kilometer. The temple said, "Mom" follow you. My mother has been taken over by the master, who has followed me. What does mom look like, what is she talking about, really! That's what my mom looks like! How could that be? Didn't that Master talk about introduction? Isn't the introduction dead? Why are you still following me and not willing to go? So I wrote to ask the master, and the master said, because he gave five yuan to overdo ah! He used five dollars of transcendence to increase his blessings? Isn't that right! That's it! You only have five dollars, I'll do five dollars!" That introduction does not necessarily mean the pure land of past life! Maybe you're going to turn into a mosquito and turn you into a dog, live longer, that's it! Do you understand this? How much do you pay, so you guys write a whole bunch now, so understand? His karma is light, which is what I usually talk about, and people often talk about it. How did it take so long to overtake it, how is it, you go and ask yourself! You, a deceased relative, did not practice during your lifetime, did you do good, did nothing. It's not there, it's so simple, then we repair in vain, we'll just wait for that day, it's impossible! He doesn't have that idea! This is to be taught, this is to be done, to always move Him, to educate Him all the time. He was happy, bam! Just went up. Otherwise, it is to do it in a vast way, and do merit in a vast way. This person was affected, wow, I have to do this in my last life, ha, I passed away, that's it! It has to be done extensively, so you must understand this! So why do I say that the people of a Malaysian 370 airline, hundreds of people are missing. There is a same door, just pack a thousand Taiwan dollars, the list is all written out, please Master Chao Du. Master said that a thousand pieces, the offerings are not enough! So what to do? I'll give him a breath, and the master will bless him, OK! These people are, Allah, Allah, will he go? Going to the Pure Land of the Living Buddha Country? Then wisdom, everyone has mercy to mercy, let there be wisdom! Then you have mercy, you go to the sutra yourself, practice the law yourself, how to throw it to the master, it means that it is over, it has nothing to do with me! Master Venerable is already practicing the Dharma, already in Chaodu, and already receiving introductions. Throwing it to others, this is wrong, this is irresponsible, this is true, we must also cultivate true wisdom and judgment.

Dharma protectors safeguard Buddhist practitioners.

Longtian Protector is a person who supports our practice and does Buddhist deeds. Without Him, the first step would be very difficult to do without Him. You see you have to hurry up, and now I haven't said once that sponsoring this is to keep cultivating and offering every altar. Here, I sincerely tell everyone, give yourself more, because you are doing Buddha things, you are connecting with them, don't involve a lot of inexplicable, unrelated people, and disperse the merit. You know this wisdom, you know this blessing, give more to yourself. When I saw it, I didn't give much to myself, and most of it was given to others. The power of your bottle of wine, bonded to Him, you exude a thousand and a hundred, weak. Write about yourself and grow up first, because you know how to practice, you know to do good deeds to accumulate blessings, give yourself more strength to do Buddha things, and be smooth. When I look at it now, I almost don't understand, this is not Chaodu! We're not a Chao Du Festival! Right! We are not for the overferry, so you write so much about this overferry, for what? Now everyone is used to it, it has become yes, overcrossing form. Do you know? Give yourself more, because you are in a relationship with Him, and others do not understand who is the Dragon King. So I don't know who He is and what I want Him to do. Give yourself more, what you need most now is food, food for doing things, the ability to do things.