One's ego is the root of reincarnation.

As long as we are people, conscious, with this flesh, we are creating karma every day. As long as it is a human being, it is a karma, and it is not pure. Do you think you know well and do it? Every day, I create karma, thinking about wrong thoughts, saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things. Do you think you're doing it right? Because you always thought there was, me, this idea. I think it's right, I think, I think it's right, it's well said. I think this works, what do I think. Others sing against you, as long as others accuse you of being wrong, you are all angry and turn over! This is still me, and as long as you have me, you are absolutely wrong, because this is an illusion, this is temporary, this is material, this is the source of karma. The real practice is to completely get rid of this self, the self-righteous me. You just have to be self-righteous, yes or no, yes or no, and you're done. Only if you think it is, and others say you are not, what should you do? You insist on making a lot of mistakes and mistakes for the sake of what you call yes. To use words, to make up, to cover, to cover it, ah! To concave, to make up, everything comes. Do you know how much you pay for your mouth? How much does it cost you? How much do you pay for all your karma and deep karma? It's very hard!

Dharma of Padmakumara is the center of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Vajrayana Bodhisattva, if you hear that the Lord of Goma is Vajrasattva, try to grasp and participate. Why? Vajrayana Bodhisattva is the Buddha-figure who repents, fills the deficiencies, completes the merits, transcendents, rests the calamities, and blesses the Lord. It is the master of all esoteric disciples, the first to practice the basic law. When everyone hears the basic law, they may not pay attention to it, but in the end, the master now transmits that the tallest Buddha, Donkey Kong, and all the many Vajra are incarnated by this statue. If you don't do enough basic skills at the beginning, don't do stability, don't do perfection, any method that comes back in the future will be difficult to sense and correspond. Therefore, why do esoteric disciples, who practice the four additional practices, must cultivate this one? There is an example that gives us great vigilance. That is, there used to be a dojo in Los Angeles, where there was a Dharma propagator, and his temple was opened, and he asked the master to teach the greatest law, the highest law. The master told him well, and when he went there, when he opened the light, he preached the Vajra Heart Bodhisattva Dharma. I listened to him tell me, very disappointed and angry. What a great law! Look down on me, I was able to build this big temple at such a young age. Who can build such a big temple and a bodhisattva as big as me, who is twenty-eight years old. He actually came to me to preach such a small law, the basic law, the Vajrayana Bodhisattva method. I was very angry, because he had known me since he was fourteen, so he told me everything, and he was very unhappy. As a result, he had no idea who the Vajrayana Bodhisattva was and what the four elements were. He didn't understand it at all, although he spoke of the head of the ground, although he had many magic weapons, although there were many classics. He knew all the teachings of esotericism, he said them all, but he really didn't understand, he really didn't understand, and he wanted to pass on the teachings that no one had heard of, that no one had practiced. It seems to have a lot of origin, and that's called Dafa, and he can't accept it at all. Vajradhara is the true Dharma. You see, last year, the year before that, many of the teachings taught by the Vajrayana were started by the Vajrayana Bodhisattva. If the Vajrayana Bodhisattva is not in the void above your head, your other Vajra Dharma will not be able to manifest. The tallest Buddha, Adalma Buddha, the largest Vajra, the Great Illusion Net Vajra, is the Vajrasattva Bodhisattva, the Vajrasattva Avatar. Therefore, everyone does not know that King Aizane Ming was formed by Vajrasatsu. Everyone doesn't know that many, many of these Vajras, if there is no Vajra Heart Bodhisattva, Vajrasattva is at the top, the foundation work is completed, and it is impossible to cultivate. In the end, people don't know if there is such alertness. As a result, this Dharma propagator, because he thought that the master looked down on him, was dissatisfied, felt that he was very good, and finally became proud and deviant, so he did a lot of words and deeds that should not be done, and he retreated. From this, you can know that what he thinks, no, not big, nothing special, special Vajrayana Bodhisattva. He didn't care, he criticized him, he looked down on him, he looked down on him, and as a result, his own path of practice was broken. Perhaps, he continues to practice, but at least some of his practical practice is a testament, he cannot reach it, this is very alarming. But now look down, almost many people do not respect, look down on this one of the most basic, you know? We are called Vajrayana disciples, and if you are a disciple of Vajrayana, a disciple of Vajrayana Esoteric Teachings, you do not get the heart of Vajrayana, the Vajrayana heart, and it is useless to come again. So this is very important, this figure is passed, the fundamental guru is passed, the Buddha-figure is passed, and each figure is passed. If you think about it, you can eliminate us, no matter what kind of karma you create, as long as you have the heart to repent, you sincerely repent with Him, all the karma you have created will be eliminated. The three kinds of karma, body, mouth, and mind, and not only elimination, can also make up for his blessings, and the karma he does, the blessings he consumes, can completely make up for the fulfillment. Amazing! Which one can do this!

To be solemn while practicing Buddhism

This is, this is what the Buddha and Bodhisattva and Long Tian said. If there is a cough, I have passed it with premise. If you have a cough, you have throat discomfort, you have any difficulty pronouncing, you have nervousness, this cannot be a vena. This must be invited, people who do not have these problems, immediately adjust to you. You must have a number in your own heart, if you cough while reading the text, this will offend. This is not solemn, not only people, will be affected, but the people of His Lord, the protectors of the Dharma, will be affected. So, I've mentioned it before, so if it's like this, huh, ah, and then hold back, and then can't say it, it's not good. So renew, if you don't, offend. I saw each of them frowning, and I knew it was miserable. Because you can't see it, you think it's normal; But when I saw it, I knew it was miserable. Not only can we not be blessed by them, but when they are gone, we are finished. Right! So in this whole, if you feel that you have a cough and cold, you must know in advance, otherwise your throat will be clear, in all aspects. You can't speak, cough, and clear your throat at the same time, this is disrespectful, not solemn, and not right.

To cleanse oneself wholeheartedly till attaining enlightenment.

In the future, as long as you hear me say, you must be on time and you must be on time. Especially the Dharma Protectors, Vajra Protectors, we have been punished a lot. So everyone must remember that like presiding over an altar of dragon kings in Taiwan, we are ten minutes late, and a few minutes later, we are punished for ten altars. So we'll never be done, so I, when I talk on time today, the one in charge must be standing there fifteen minutes ago. He couldn't do anything, just stand there, mention it every five minutes, and when it was five minutes, he would mention it again. The last five minutes, every minute, have to be mentioned, and now there are only three minutes left, and it is his family's business that does not come up. He will be punished, it is his family's business. But we must go up, the emcee must call, you know this is, will not be victimized. Otherwise, we can't finish it, we have once, which one to do here, Taiwan is, Taiwan Dragon King punishment. What to do here, ten more altars, this is not a joke! If they were on time, they would have been ping-pong, and they would have all lined up. So if we have such a missed habit, we must change it. Otherwise, I will be the first to be punished, and the second will be Vena responsible. After all, it was all, they ran away, and whatever they asked, they would not return. So this is not a joke, see you personally influenced everyone. So this must be very cautious, very cautious. I was just in it, I was scolded, so long, and I missed so much and did not change, he could not do it, that person was eliminated, do not want him to come up. The person who is punctual is to make him punctual, one procrastinating, it affects the second one is also used to procrastinating, and the third is all procrastinating. If you want to break it in one breath today, it will be broken immediately, and it is impossible to drag it off for you. Therefore, it must be cultivated, that kind of very sharp, very precise, very precise kind of action. So just like that, you go to the throne, then there is nothing to say. But if you don't go to the throne, you keep dragging, okay or not, he is telling me, no matter three seven twenty-one, you go up, that's it. No one puts incense, you put incense yourself, if you don't put incense, you sit down and talk. No one, you continue to speak, begin to clap your fingers, and begin to repair. He told me to be like this in the future, is that so good-looking? Right? He said that for every one minute late, ten people were ten minutes late, and thirty were half an hour late. To whom this is returned, with whom to return, sometimes there are too many invisible ones, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have all fallen, and you are still dragging over there. Those who seek His blessings should be the most humble, the most punctual, and the most religious. As a result, the Buddha and Bodhisattva are more devout than you, and you come down at what time you say, never on time, and you are always scolded. I said it was my fault, so it was useless for me to talk about it! So you must, since you have already said, then you must be on time.

To do all good deeds as one could.

Some time ago, there was the daughter of a senior sister in Guangzhou China. When was that! What was last year, cancer! She has cancer! The doctor said there was no salvation! There is cancer, you know. However, go to the Purple Lotus Hall, practice and take refuge. When I went to eat, there was a peasant calendar on the table at the door of someone's shop. Our farmer calendar can also save people! Do you know? I saw a peasant calendar, she worshipped Guanyin, in China. As soon as the peasant calendar saw her, she brought it, huh, how could there be such a Guanyin Bodhisattva? It was last year, and she started flipping, and the more she turned over, they didn't eat over there, packed up, and rushed home. Look carefully, this is what she is looking for, how much money she spends on Chinese mainland, how much time, how many masters she worships, etc., it is not what she is looking for. She listened to some of our brief teachings, and she desperately tried to find us. Her lymphoma! Swollen to such a point, hands walking like this, crooked, very pitiful! You know, it's all pus, you know, that cloth, it's all stuck in it, and it hurts to tear it. At that time, the doctor told her that she was afraid that she would not be saved. She thought, find out what good medicine there is, and come to the United States. Then I will convert her, then give her homework and tell her to drink the water of great compassion. Then after living for half a year, she returned to the mainland to have a seizure, and after that seizure, her daughter called to ask for help. Just tell me, I said, call her daughter, is there any water next to it, I blessed, just on the phone, give it to her mother to drink. At the time of drinking, I had an urgent high fever! As long as it is cancer and high fever, it is almost time. As a result, the fever subsided, so I told them and asked her to tell her that you go buy water and put it there. It's so convenient now, I have mobile phones, mobile phone photos, and I am blessed here in the air. The water she bought and gave it to her mother to drink, it's still fine! How long has it been, when it happened, how long was it, was there a year? At that time, in Hong Kong, when, a few months, was there that time, when you handed it over. She kept telling me, Guru, please and Guanyin Bodhisattva, please ask me to die in this life, only to meet you, to encounter such a Dafa, I don't want to die like this. Please give me a chance! Let me learn from Avalokiteshvara! Let me how! Keep begging! Let me be able to do something! I can do things, but my life is gone now, the opportunity is gone, please, give me a chance! That kind of supplication, that kind of mentality, very sincere, that kind of physical health, will not be experienced. That kind of big opportunity, will not say this, kneel down and keep begging, please give me a chance, please give me a chance, please let me live a little longer. Let me do things, please ask for this, please ask Avalokiteshvara. I remember this person, I said the bodhisattva is in charge! I told the bodhisattva that Guanyin Bodhisattva is compassionate, and such a person with a heart is coming to lifelessness when he emits this. This is the most sincere, please bless her, give her a chance! Let her learn more, she said that she was unwilling, and finally she would not meet until she died, such a great law of liberation, the great law of wisdom and wisdom, she didn't want it! All over China, all the money paid, can not learn, can not meet, she said. I say, because you have this mind, the Bodhisattva gives you a chance! She said she knew she was going to die, and all her fortune was donated to children in remote areas. She did it first, only then did she have this merit, only then did she have this karmic arrangement, came to the United States, and came across a book. In this way, she knows that it is a treasure, and she knows that it is a great treasure. In a hurry, we hope that God, Guanyin Bodhisattva will have compassion and give her another opportunity to benefit herself and altruize herself from such a cause.

The cause between Kuan-yin and me.

When I first took refuge, or even when I didn't take refuge, I didn't know about it, but what! Avalokiteshvara told me to carry two buckets of water and come to him and recite the mantra of compassion. When I said what a great compassion mantra was, he told me to go and borrow a copy of the great compassion mantra with the mages next to me, the ashram of the teachings. He said, henceforth, you will use the water of great compassion to save and heal people. So, the Great Compassion Curse is going to be in that book, and I can't understand the words in it at all! Wow, for a long time, he told me to read it 21 times, and I was over there for hours, grinding that 21 times. Then He said, "You will use this curse of compassion in the future." So I started to get started, I started to understand and get in touch. At that time, after I came into contact with the Great Compassion Mantra, I came back to contact and sent a prayer for compassion. Avalokiteshvara, this pumen of him! In his scriptures, it is said: Nanmo is pessimistic and pessimistic, may I quickly know all the laws. Nanmo is pessimistic and pessimistic, may I have a wise eye sooner. Nanmo is pessimistic and pessimistic, may I speed up all people. Nanmo is pessimistic and pessimistic, may I be good and convenient sooner. Nanmo is pessimistic about the world, may I ride like a ship. Nanmo is pessimistic about the world, may I be more bitter sooner. Nanmo is pessimistic and pessimistic, may I quickly abstain from the way. Nanmo is pessimistic and may I climb Nirvana Mountain early. Nanmo is pessimistic about the world, may I soon be helpless. Nanmo is pessimistic and pessimistic, may I be the same as the Dharma body earlier. If I go to the mountain of knives, the mountain of knives will destroy itself. If I go to the fire soup, the fire soup will dry up. If I go to hell, hell will destroy itself. If I look to the hungry ghost, the hungry ghost is full. If I look to Shura, I will be disgusted and self-contained. If I live with an animal, I will gain great wisdom. I remember that every day at that time, before I converted, I chanted this every day, 21 times a day. It's as simple as that, Nanmo is pessimistic and pessimistic, may I know quickly, I don't understand, why should I speak. I only knew that at that time, I didn't know what to do, anyway, this one was very short, so I took it. Then read it 21 times a day, to itself, and the heart is put in. If I go to the mountain of swords, I imagine that there are mountains of swords in front of me, and all beings suffer and suffer, and if I want to reach that mountain of swords, I will destroy myself with the mountain of swords. The thought was that the mountain of swords was all broken, and there was no such sharp kind of instrument, so it didn't hurt people. Naturally, I matched this word and began to imagine that if I want to fire soup, it is all fire! The fire soup is self-exhausted, and if I appear, all these fires are extinguished, and I am an extension of this imagination itself. If I go to hell, all the suffering phenomena of hell will be destroyed. Naturally, at that time, before taking refuge, at the beginning of the year of 1986, the karma with Avalokiteshvara began. It appeared, began, and kept marching towards this path. The Great Compassion Mantra is much more inspirational, you know? When the Bodhisattva told me that in the future, when you would use the water of great compassion to save people, I happened to go to Los Angeles to meet my high school classmates. There is a high school classmate, in June and July on a hot day, wearing sleeveless, with that kind of thick scarf around the neck! Surrounded, circled, so strangely dressed. I said, how can you wear sleeveless and wrap around such a thick scarf in winter? She said, I can't blow the wind, as soon as I blow the wind, I start coughing and catching a cold. For more than ten years, I have seen any doctor, and it is not good. I said something like this! It's really pathetic! So hot, still around like this, that prickly, this has been growing! Skin diseases! I said, let's try, come on. Do you believe in Guanyin? She said, yes, yes. When I say come, I'll take a glass of water, and at my brother's house, there's a picture of that Guanyin Bodhisattva, and he puts it on this stove. Just a small one, I said, I will pour a glass of water, I will not even pronounce the Great Compassion Mantra at that time, I will not recite it. Let's recite the Great Pessimistic World Yin of Nanmo together, because I said above, I want to recite the Great Pessimistic World Yin of South Moldova! The Great Compassion Mantra will be spoken, otherwise it will be resounded, the holy trumpet of the Bodhisattva Nanmo Great Pessimistic World. I said, Gassho, Nanmo Great Pessimistic World Sound Bodhisattva Holy Horn, she didn't ask me to recite it a few times, and I didn't tell her how many times I wanted to recite it. I don't know how many times, anyway, very sincerely, Nanmo Great Pessimistic Guanyin Bodhisattva, save my high school classmates! She's so pathetic! After more than ten years like this, help her! Nanmo is pessimistic about the world, give her a glass of water to drink! Just like this, I don't know how to visualize huh, but like this, very sincerely, how long, I don't know, anyway, I think it's okay. Come, you drink! Do you believe it? After she drank it, we got together again the next day, and the scarf was picked up, and it has not been around it for more than 20 years now. The power of the Great Compassion Water, how powerful, this is real. Too much, too much along the way, too much this induction, too much induction. So every day, we practice like this, we have a glass of water, this helps us, it's amazing! Together with the teacher, who is teaching now, let us enlighten wisdom more, increase wisdom, and know how to strengthen visualization. This glass of water is amazing! It's really amazing!

This life is the cause of the past

There used to be a living Buddha of Gongtangcang, and he has passed away. He was in the United States, and it just so happened that there was a newly inaugurated president in the United States, the inauguration. The man invited him, and his disciples followed him, and the sitting president, Clinton, shook hands with each one. Thanks to the support of these distinguished guests, I came to the front of this living Buddha and shook hands with him. This living Buddha told him, I know you, his disciple is next to him, just pull his master's clothes, the master is old, really sometimes, foreigners are mostly the same, right! They all look the same, just like foreigners look at us Chinese, and they are almost the same! Master, you have recognized the wrong person! Master emphasized again, I know you, but this president, he smiled, because during the presidential election, everyone will know him to some extent, and the party will know him. So he smiled and didn't speak, and went to shake hands with others, and his disciple said, Master, you have recognized the wrong person! Foreigners are almost like this, you recognize the wrong person! You have never met this attendant disciple, you have been following his master for decades, and he knows who his master has met, and this living Buddha comes over and knocks his disciple on the head. How could I recognize the wrong person, he is your master brother! That apprentice was, ah! O his great apprentice! Older than him! Passed away! Long dead and reincarnated! Now he is the king of a country, the head of a country. What do you think? Then his apprentice said that he likes to make offerings to his master brother, and we all practice the Dharma, and in the Tibetan environment, the conditions are insufficient, and everyone uses water to visualize. He is always with everyone, and when the water comes out, he will go and pick a fruit, a fruit. Otherwise, the one they eat, the one they will make something, a few grains, and put it there for offering. He will not be, water is water, so to visualize; Sometimes the visualization doesn't come! The environment there is not the same, there is no place to contact these wonderful, these seven treasures, seven treasures and eight treasures, wonderful wonton food, go and visualize! So they are, water, water, water, water, just numb! I don't know what to offer, what to visualize. But this one disciple is very attentive, especially with what he can get, fried eggs, steamed eggs, boiled eggs. He won't just sit down with everyone and make offerings for nothing, at least he can express a little, his heart. A candy is good, a pack of cookies is good. Just put him like this, so he immediately knew that it was no wonder that in his life, he could go to a big country to become president and be elected. Very young, died not long after! So when he came back, his master was already in his eighties, and he could still see him. So when people invited his master, the Living Buddha, to attend this inauguration ceremony, his apprentice felt very strange, why did he go to participate? He never participated in these, just by chance, he came to the United States and had this chance. As soon as people invited him, he immediately agreed. So many things, with causes, causes, and effects, will not be inexplicable, who will give and help you; Who will please you and hurt you. To be honest, don't be resentful, don't have an unbalanced heart, it's all in karma, it's all in karma, it's all about paying off debts. Master Venerable said that we are to be rewarded with karma, to entertain your karma, to entertain your karma, to entertain these sentient beings, to communicate with each other, this is all entertainment. If there is no cause with them before, there will be no contact in this life, there will be no contact, this is the cause. So understand that after you understand this, your heart will be different, your heart will be different, and you will be grateful! Let you have the opportunity, well, before did not know how to take it, to get karma, to make it more complete, to make up for its lack. In this life, I have this cause, and I have learned such a law, snap, cherish it well!

To conduct benevolence to resolve grievances.

Your protective tablets, your practice methods, your registration form, you must write about your unjust creditors and unjust enemies. Because they are not good and are in the dark, they are full of resentment, revenge, and revenge. He is always going to destroy people, hurt others, he is not good, he has no bright energy, he has no blessings, he has no blessings, he has no merits. So you practice the Dhamma, based on a share of strength, give it to him, do good for him, accumulate blessings for him. His magnetic field changes, his heart expands, and he won't harm you, he won't hurt others. Many people do not understand this, he is not good, we must wish him well, and help him well. If he is well, he will be kind-hearted, and he will not hurt others all the time. Therefore, I must have added this copy to the protective tablets and registration forms, and I will not want him to die because he harms you, and you want him to receive retribution. No, you want him, better, better, better, so that he will not harm you, this is the real solution, this is the real solution, this is my personal experience, my personal voice. There have been Dharma propagators before, really, picking on all my questions, but I tried harder to get back to him. All of them have a cause, a cause, and a result. It will not be inexplicable, two parallel lines will intersect. If there is no one who has ever married, this share of evil causes, this life will not meet to repay. So you have to have cognition, this mentality, not how to be treated by others, you will be thunderous, you have to think, how to treat him badly. You must know that this karma, in this world, this is the truth, everything is cause and effect. Why did you come to this family, why did you come to this place, why did you come into contact with these people, why did you raise him and give birth to him, you met such parents, these people around you, karma!

To accumulate benevolence in this and past lives.

So practicing this tantra is really amazing, and I really have to cherish your blessings. Being able to cultivate in this life is the merit, good karma, and good reward that have been accumulated in previous lives. Only in this life can you meet a famous teacher, and in this life can you get good opportunities, opportunities, and dojos to cultivate, and know how to do it. Cherish the human body! In this life, if under the teachings of such achievers, they cannot study the Dharma well, and they cannot put themselves into practice well, come for nothing! Then in this life, under his teaching, he will not be able to be liberated, and then go down to hell, it hurts! It really hurts! He can stand on his own, why should he spread it to everyone? I really want everyone to be able to achieve something! Come with us and build this altar well. What we have done in the past few days, is there any kind of lack of deficiency, we are ignorant, we don't know, it's very simple, you see one less word, is a missing; One more word, also a missing word. Isn't it? You are not in good spirits, you are doing, such a Buddha and Bodhisattva beckoned. Let everyone, it doesn't matter if you are wrong alone, you do it for ten people, ten do the same, it is also a miss. Especially after you do it, people don't know, take it and copy, then take it to make connections, and then go to the dojo to repair. Wow! Consecutive mistakes, how many, everyone thinks that what you did is right, and what you get is right. Therefore, this invisible fault, the continuation, there is no way to make up for it. Do you know? The unintentional words you said make people feel that they are right, and people pass on and add materials, and there are many oral industries! It's not your mouth alone, it's everyone's mouth. This is the truth, let's come together! Let's do wrong, these days, we practice the Vajradhara Bodhisattva method, let us repent well, make up for it well, and complete it well!

To cherish every moment of Buddhist practices.

Really, what Puxian Bodhisattva said is that the day has passed. You see when you get up this morning, everyone gathers, and it's evening, and it's dark. The day is over, and so is life. I love looking at this clock, and honestly, I have a lot of clocks in my watch. Because I didn't cherish it before, I looked at the clock and answered! That's my life, one second less, that's my life, one less minute. Yes! Ten minutes less at once. My life huh! What are you cherishing, this is the most important thing, just like this, there is no way to control, it keeps flowing out and flowing out, and it keeps disappearing! I can't exchange anything, it's urgent! What exactly do I get in this minute? What exactly do I get in this hour? What do I lose? There is a big echo in the heart, a big echo. I came to this life, it's night again, the baby who was just born during the day, and now it's this time, it's dusk, it's going to be night, I can't see five fingers, there's nothing! Will be very deep and anxious, I don't want to live in vain, I don't want to come in vain; I don't want to live this in vain, I will have a very strong reminder to myself, a very strong one. Therefore, bone headaches, foot pain, foot swelling, no matter what, you must quickly cherish it again, hear what opportunities there are, you can make good causes with everyone, do your part, hurry up to rejoice, and bear a share. I'm not sick! I'm not without my problems, yes! How could there be none, there is still ah! But I just cherish it, because shake it and it's gone, don't talk about how long you can live? If you don't get it right, it's gone at night, and it's gone in the next second. Gathering is the cause, being able to live is the cause, depending on how you grasp the cause of this moment.