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In 2023,

we pray that the war in Ukraine could be ceased, people are selfless, and happiness is everywhere.


Online consultation, Master Samantha alway cares about sentient beings with great compassion. She initiates online consultation to help those who really want to change their attitudes, correct their behaviors, and resolve life obstacles.

Light praying/ worship Taisui, to pray for a safe and happy life in the current year and to get away from obstacles. Through the protection of the Buddhas, one could mitigate the disasters.

Eliminating obstacles in life, to pray to mitigate all kinds of disasters we would encounter. The disasters could be one's suffering, economic oppression, or any difficulties one has.

Purple Lotus Temple

Purple Lotus Temple is located in Fremont, California, USA. It is a Buddhist temple that practices Vajrayana Buddhism. Temple's practitioners are all the disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha.

  • We firmly believe in the spirit of Mahayana Buddhism.
  • We practice Buddhism by continuously cleansing the Karma caused by the body, mouth, and mind.
  • We held charity events to help the poor, inspire good deeds, and propagate Buddhist compassion & wisdom.
  • Cleaning karmic causes and manifesting one's Buddha-nature

Master Samantha Chou

As a spiritual leader, Master Samantha has been continuously practicing Buddhism for more than 30 years since 1986. She also has worked hard to propagate Dharma in over 20 countries. The people she ever helped around the world had been too many to be counted.            

Many countries have recognized Master's devotion to the societies. She was then awarded the Ambassador for Peace, the Outstanding Women's Achievement Award, the Special Honor Award, and the Global Celebrity.

Master Samantha believes that the most important things about being a Buddhist are:

  • Being sympathetic to all sufferings is the core of the practices.
  • In this changing world, one should be calm and constantly adjust oneself to the advance
  • Wholeheartedly doing all good deeds, and being away from all evils

PurpleLotus Youtube

PurpleLotus Youtube- A collection of 150 short Dharma talk videos from Master Samantha Chou.

Master Samantha hoped that, through her videos, she would be able to convey her awakening insight and inspire the individuals to take positive action toward a meaningful life.

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