The Fengshui of the Purple Lotus Temple

On June 28th, 1999, His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng arrived at the Purple Lotus School to lecture to a group of students from around the world on the feng-shui of the Purple Lotus Temple

Before the lecture, His Holiness had visited the future site of the Purple Lotus Temple. After surveying the landform and a careful measuring with a geomantic compass, His Holiness pointed out that the site was a supreme choice for building a temple. With an exact tzu-wu orientation --- its back facing north and its front facing south, there is every sign that the future temple will play a major and significant role.

When His Holiness returned to the Purple Lotus School after the surveying, students have already drawn a diagram of the future site of the temple on a board. Walking up to the board, His Holiness gave an exciting lecture on the feng-shui of the temple. First, he pointed out that the landform where the future temple sits on is that of a cleaver. The cleaver is a sharp and powerful object. While the area facing the sharp edge of the cleaver may invite danger to itself, the area where the handle of the cleaver is located is the most powerful. The handle of the cleaver is the master that controls the energy of the whole landform. As it turns out, the future Purple Lotus Temple is situated right at the handle and will therefore generate a great power to draw and help sentient beings.

To the left side of the temple, there is a small eyebrow-shaped hill. To the right side of the temple, there are buildings and trees. These conform to the geomantic pattern of having an armrest on each side. Behind the temple there is the natural formation of a mountain range. In front of the temple is an oncoming dragon trail. Also, there are three lakes in the state park right in front of the temple, representing sun, moon, and star. In the far distance to the front of the temple, there is a landform conforming to that of a low table. All these indicate that the site for the future Purple Lotus Temple is a site of great energy.

His Holiness had nothing but praise for the excellent feng-shui for the future temple site. As they were listening, the students were extremely encouraged and broke out into a big warm applause.

The property for the future temple is located in Fremont and is about five acres. It occupies a niche right next to a 463-acre parcel belonging to the Quary Lake Recreation Park. The City of Fremont has put in a man-made beach, boating area, water ski area, and fishing facility in the park this year, including the new landscapes and an addition of fifteen hundred parking spaces around the lake right next to the plot of Purple Lotus Temple. This lake was renamed to Rainbow after it opens to public. It happenly matches our Guru---The Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s Rainbow achievements. The park is close to freeways and easily accessible.

During a previous visit in June, 1997, when teaching a class at the Purple Lotus School, His Holiness had asked the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas about the future of the Purple Lotus School. The answer he received was extremely positive, indicating that it would develop into an institute that would one day rock the world.

To be able to find a temple site with such excellent feng-shui is a blessing from the spiritual realm. We welcome more people to come and help us build the temple, as donation towards the building of a Buddhist temple will generate infinite merits and blessings.

Please help us to achieve our goal of building Purple Lotus Temple. We appreciate any form of help, attend a service and make an offering, or visit our society and make a donation in person. We are still far from our target, but we hope to break ground in two years. Make checks payable to:

Purple Lotus Temple
Planning Committee
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